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Online fitness training

on 25th January 2021

What is online fitness training? And is it something I should seriously consider?

Online fitness training usually consists of either a class or a one to one session taught by a trainer within a virtual format. As gyms are still closed for the foreseeable future, access to fitness has to be online.  Indeed, digital fitness will continue to rise.  Why consider this method of training? Well, people love the convenience of working out at home and I believe at-home fitness will remain a dominant mode of exercise.

Over the last few months, I’ve had many comments from ladies particularly over 50 years old, asking me about personal training online.  These ladies have decided that it’s time to get into shape “once and for all” but don’t really want to participate in virtual group classes, particularly where everyone else can see them (although they could turn their video off) “Oh no, everyone can see me….I wouldn’t like that.” said 1 lady, 53 years old. “I am a little embarrassed and not proud of my shape” said another lady, 71 years old.  They would much prefer to invest their time and money into exercise sessions tailored to suit them and their own specific needs and goals.  Here at Embrace, I know which exercises are really worth doing.  I offer 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour Personal Training sessions, delivered virtually.  I help ladies in midlife increase their energy, vitality and their strength.

As we age, we have to move more and sit less as we know sedentary behaviour can lead to a higher chance of high blood pressure and heart disease. Exercise can help improve bone health, cardiovascular health and cognition.  It can lower our risk of falls and injuries and ultimately live longer! Who wouldn’t want all that?!

Click here to book a private online training session with me – I can’t wait to help you keep fit and well at 40 and beyond!

About Katie Walton

My name is Katie Walton and I've been a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist for over 20 years.  I've helped clients of all ages but having now turned the big 40 myself, my own experience has become invaluable in helping clients adapt to the changes in their metabolism. 
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