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Embrace over 40


Here you can find out about the exercises that really work and the foods we should really be eating after 40.  Through trial and error I believe I have finally found the best ways to work out and the best “diet” to have which helps to build resilience, reduce stress and depression and ultimately age well.


Have you found that your usual exercise regime doesn’t seem to be working any more and that you are in fact getting fatter and fatter?!  Instinctively, you would think that working out more or exercising harder and for longer and eating less would do the trick? I’m afraid not. And here’s why…..

After forty, many women are journeying through Perimenopause into Menopause and that means Hormonal changes. This phase of their lives also tends to be more stressful as they may be juggling children and ageing parents. Metabolism decreases, they experience memory loss and intense food cravings.  Energy is flagging and they then tend to neglect themselves and the weight starts to pile on.

Embrace Over 40 offers you exercises you can access through this website; online Zoom fitness classes, one to one online classes, videos via my YouTube Channel and if you live in the South East area, you can book me for a private fitness and wellness session in the comfort of your own home! 


There is no special diet to follow to look and feel fabulous after 40 but there are a range of foods that can really help in slowing the ageing process.  If you’re feeling sluggish, can’t seem to focus on tasks, your skin is dull and wrinkled and your sleep is all over the place then you need to address your diet. 

I’ll be adding recipe ideas and lots of tips on choosing the right foods and why we need them in mid-life and beyond.

But, if you’ve really found yourself in a bit of a pickle and just don’t know where to start then why not get in touch – you can arrange a FREE, private telephone/video consultation; or email me or join my private Facebook page where you can find a whole community of women over 40 that may have similar problems!

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