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on 30th October 2020

Even if you haven’t hit the menopause yet, you may be dismayed at what is happening to your body.  There is an alarmingly large band of stomach fat, your underarms are turning into “bingo wings” and none of your clothes seem to fit any more.  You can’t understand it as you’re not eating more, you’re exercising in the same way you’ve always done and yet you’re getting fatter and fatter and are now in a state of despair.  Well…. It’s your hormones to blame I’m afraid and they are affecting your body, your skin, your brain and ultimately your self esteem. 

If nothing seems to be working in the way you want it to anymore then you need to embrace a different approach.  And this is where I can help……………

I’m here to help you age more gracefully and healthfully.  “How on earth are you going to do that?” I hear you ask.  Well, I have created this site to help the woman over 40 navigate the changes that are happening as she transitions from perimenopause to menopause and out the other side!  There is no overnight fix I’m afraid but I’m here to support you to lead a healthier lifestyle which will ultimately transform you into someone where age is just a number.

Think of this site as an “online clinic” for women aged 40 and beyond, who are so confused by all the conflicting information out there on diet and exercise and don’t know which way to turn.  I’m here to help cut out all the myths and misinformation, saving you countless hours surfing the internet to try and find the “magic” answer!

I’m in my late forties and although I have been fit my entire life, even I have been struggling with my weight and mental health.  My sleep is pretty erratic, my moods are very up and down, my anxiety can go through the roof and, as a single mum with 2 tweens and ageing parents to look after, life is hectic all of the time.  And I’ve finally learnt that taking care of others starts by taking care of yourself first.

I can’t stop you ageing but I can arm you with all the (tried and tested) knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the years to help you lead a healthy and vibrant life so you are empowered to be fit and well at 40 and beyond!

If you would like to embrace life after 40 then book a FREE 30 minute consultation and I can help you tackle your diet, which exercises really work after 40 and arm you with some tools to take you from feeling below par to feeling much more alive!  Who wouldn’t want that?!

**Although not medically trained, I have over 20 years experience in the fitness and nutrition arena but, of course, please check with your GP first before embarking on any changes in your life.

About Katie Walton

My name is Katie Walton and I've been a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist for over 20 years.  I've helped clients of all ages but having now turned the big 40 myself, my own experience has become invaluable in helping clients adapt to the changes in their metabolism. 
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