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Change the environment you live in

on 15th October 2020


As well as eating the right foods and exercising in the correct way, the environment we live in is vitally important for our wellbeing too.  Your home is your nest, your sanctuary and it’s where you can truly relax BUT, if it is a mess and overly cluttered with stuff then this just adds another layer of stress to our already hectic lives. 

After 40, our drastically changing hormones are making our moods go off-kilter.  Little things can make me mad, for example, the messy pile of shoes by the front door; wet towels left on the bathroom floor; opening a cupboard and having plastic containers and bottles all tumble out. 

I’ve learnt that de-cluttering is the key to a much easier and less stressful life.  I have sons so there is ALWAYS mess but if my bed is beautifully made and my dressing table is arranged with just a couple of bottles of my favourite lotions and potions then I feel more in control of life and my mood stabilises.

Embrace your age… Embrace your home!

About Katie Walton

My name is Katie Walton and I've been a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist for over 20 years.  I've helped clients of all ages but having now turned the big 40 myself, my own experience has become invaluable in helping clients adapt to the changes in their metabolism. 
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